Ken Caratelli

Divisional President & Managing Director, Fastener Systems

Ken Caratelli was appointed lead executive of the Fastener Systems Division in August of 2007 while continuing to retain his position as President of Nelson Stud Welding (NSW) Worldwide. Since becoming President of NSW in 2001 Ken successfully transitioned the business from a division of a Fortune 50 corporation to that of a venture capital enterprise. He also implemented Demand Flow Manufacturing, consolidated and rationalized the global product offering along with the related engineering and manufacturing functions, drove acquisitions that broadened the customer base and product offering and successfully initiated manufacturing in China to support Asian growth opportunities. Prior to joining the Doncasters team Ken was with TRW with increasing responsibilities in the areas of administration, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, operations, sales, strategic planning, along with lead positions in cross functional teams across disciplines and businesses. Ken has the distinction of being one of just 20 TRW Directors/VPs to participate in a Global Business Leadership Program. Ken has a B.S. in Industrial Administration from Iowa State University and a M.S. in Marketing Management from West Coast University.