Doncasters Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Automatic SMP — a Specialty Fasteners Company

Planned Acquisition is Part of an Overall Strategy to Strengthen Doncasters’ Position in Aerospace Fasteners Business

17 June 2013, Le Bourget — UK based Doncasters Group announced today that it has signed a letter of intent to purchase Automatic SMP (ASMP), a recognised manufacturer of internally threaded fasteners & precision components. If acquired, ASMP will become an integral part of the growing aerospace fastener business for Doncasters.

Doncasters currently provides aerospace OEMs with precision manufactured turbine airfoils, rings & casings, structural castings, compressor airfoils, combustion components and fabrications & exhausts for application in gas turbine engines, as well as aerostructures and components for airframe applications. With the addition of ASMP, the Group will expand the breadth of its offering to include internally free spinning and locking nuts required for critical aerospace applications.

Ken Caratelli, Managing Director of the Doncasters Fastener Systems Division, noted that, “ASMP offers a robust combination of broad based manufacturing processes, proven quality systems, low cost in-country sourcing and supply chain management. Because of this, aerospace customers have routinely found ASMP to be a strong supply chain partner — allowing them to quickly and securely consolidate their vendor base.” He added that, “this is a consistent strategy with our Fastener Systems Division so we’re very confident ASMP can integrate seamlessly as we advance our aerospace fasteners offering.”

Together with other operations within the Fasteners Division, Doncasters offers a full range of integrated, process-controlled machining operations at competitive prices designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Their integrated cells feature rapid setup and automatic machining, providing economical medium-run capability. In addition, ASMP’s Secondary Operations Department is equipped to perform automated tapping, cross drilling, slotting, milling, counter-sinking and more.

About The Doncasters Group:

The Doncasters Group is a leading international manufacturer of performance and tolerance critical engineering components for a variety of end market applications. Core manufacturing processes include precision casting, forging, fabrication, machining and production of superalloys. Key products include turbine airfoils, rings & casings, structural castings, compressor airfoils, combustion components and fabrications & exhausts for application in gas turbine engines, aerostructures and components for airframe applications, compressor and turbine wheels for the specialty turbocharger market, and ranges of fastenings for construction, industrial, truck, recreational, aerospace and military markets. The company offers well-developed supply chain integration solutions, delivering complex assemblies and engine-ready components to its customers. Doncasters currently employs approximately 5,000 people in 30 sites across the UK, Continental Europe, USA, China and Mexico. The Group has institutionalised lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles throughout its operations, serving the aerospace industry through 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

About Automatic SMP:

Automatic SMP, a subsidiary of Lawson Products, Inc., was established in 1914 as a manufacturer of precision machined parts. Customers turn to Automatic SMP, a Lean/Six Sigma company, for “trouble-free solutions” to their precision engineered product needs. Although the company services a broad range of customers, the aircraft industry represents a dominant and vital share of its account base.

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