Doncasters Paralloy Introduces Next Generation HP Microalloy for Petrochemical Furnace Applications

Advanced Paralloy H39WM+ is the Result of Extensive On-going R&D Programmes

12 September 2011, Billingham, UK — Doncasters Paralloy, a leading manufacturer of specialist cast tubes and fittings for use in high temperature and corrosive environments, is now offering Paralloy H39WM+, developed to increase the performance of petrochemical furnaces whilst simultaneously reducing furnace-operating costs.

Technical Director of Doncasters Paralloy, Dr. Dominique Flahaut, noted that, “We are continuously challenged by our customers to provide alloys that will allow them to manufacture their products at the lowest possible cost without making any compromises in regards to process reliability.” Dr. Flahaut added, “Paralloy H39WM+ meets these requirements in the best possible way – it’s a new optimal scientific concept built on the success of the conventional, highly respected Paralloy H39WM.”

Stronger and more ductile than its predecessor, Paralloy H39WM+ features enhanced creep strength and carburisation resistance meeting the most stringent criteria for modern Steam Reforming Furnaces and Pyrolysis Cracking Coils.

The superior properties of Paralloy H39WM+ enable Doncasters Paralloy to offer the tubes with thinner walls, which reduce thermal gradient and therefore thermal stresses within the wall on start-ups and shutdowns. Thinner walls also give improvement in the rate of heat transfer and provide energy savings.

Increase in tube skin temperature and tube-operating pressures offer reformer designers a number of advantages including the opportunity to explore new chemical reactions in the reformer, the chance to increase the yield of some chemical products, as well as an increase in overall productivity.

The Paralloy enhancement is a direct result of Doncasters’ extensive research and development program that includes partnerships with leading research institutions in the UK and Europe.

About Doncasters Paralloy:

Doncasters Paralloy is based in Billingham, in the north east of England and is a part of the Doncasters Group with 40 years’ experience in manufacturing specialist cast tubes and fittings for use in high temperature and corrosive environments. On a single site, Doncasters Paralloy has centrifugal tube and sand casting foundries, a machine shop and fabrication facility. Doncasters Paralloy offers its customers laboratory and testing services, equipped to carry out routine material investigations as well as complete failure analysis.

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